My Little Girl Sleeps Much Better with the Humidifier On

A few months ago, my family welcomed a new member of the family- baby Isabel. Being my first born child, I had difficulties coping and adjusting to several new things. However, what disturbed my husband and I was how sensitive baby Isabel was, especially when she was very tiny. Apart from her skin, her respiratory system was also extremely sensitive.
To make the matter worse, my baby appeared to have arrived at a very inappropriate time. It was winter time when central heaters had to be turned on. As a result, indoor humidity would drop to 10% or even less. Unfortunately, the dry air irritated the skin, nose as well as the lungs of my tiny baby girl. I was dealing with challenges I didn’t know I would have to deal with. My baby would come down with cold and sometimes suffer from a respiratory infection. Don’t forget that babies cannot take over the counter drugs like adults- they are too strong for them.

I remember the last visit I made to my pediatrician’s office. She insisted that I had to buy a baby humidifier. According to her, it is what I needed for my baby to enjoy good health; safe from colds and respiratory infections. I decided shopping for one as soon as I got home. When it comes to the health of my baby, I don’t usually settle for less. In this regard, I was keen on finding the top ultrasonic humidifier for baby 2014. I did my background research, took time to compare features and prices and finally found one of the best ultrasonic humidifier’s for my little girl.

Specifically, I wanted a baby humidifier that operates quietly, with auto shutoff, adjustable humidistat, with antibacterial features and one that wouldn’t give me problems when cleaning and refilling it. My doctor was right- my baby has been free from cold symptoms, her nose, chest and throat have been free from clogging. This makes it possible for her to recover faster from sickness. At eight months, Isabel is such a happy little girl and even sleeps much better.