Loving My Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier

When my husband’s workstation was transferred from Salt Lake City, the kids and I were devastated. We had lived in this city since we got married. Both our children regarded the city as their home, with strong attachments to both the house and the friends they had made in school. However, I knew that if I decided to remain home with the kids, it would mean months would pass before we could be together again as a family, so we had to move.
Attachments were the least of our problems when we got to Houston. The city has extremely high levels of humidity, some of the highest in the country. Back home, humidity had never been a problem, so I had never bothered to buy a dehumidifier. In our new home, a dehumidifier was necessary have item, otherwise the levels got high pretty fast. I decided to research on the dehumidifiers before I could purchase one. Luckily, I stumbled on one of the best Frigidaire dehumidifier review online, and I knew I had found my item.

I ordered the dehumidifier online and it was delivered the next day. It is the 70-pint Frigidaire FAD704DWD, which has been performing according to our expectations. It has a display that shows when its reservoirs are full or when it’s filter is dirty, so it is easy to maintain. It also features easy to use that I have taught my six-year old daughter to use. The dehumidifier is amazingly quiet and it is almost impossible to tell there is one in the house. I also like that it is energy efficient, a major plus since it is one of the largest models in the market. Despite its large size, this dehumidifier has a slide-out handle that makes it easy to use. Although its reservoirs fill out and have to be changed every six hours, I am still pleased with this purchase.

Now I do not have to worry about molds and mildews that I initially worried would be part of our household as the dehumidifier is doing its job superbly. I am also do not have to worry about bugs associated with high humidity areas such as flea, clothes moths, cockroaches and dust mites. Heath wise, I know this appliance will be able to protect my family from fungal infections, cracking skin and respiratory irritation that would have been easy to catch with the high humidity in our new home.

My Flat Iron Died on Me

noooLast Wednesday morning I woke up just to see my five years old flat iron, my buddy, finally giving up on me. To imagine my day without it was a little freaky moment for me. It’s a must hair-styling tool for me after all. For me it’s like a nightmare come true. But as they say, “Whatever happens, happens for the reason”. And so I took it as a signal to finally get updated with the latest ones available out there.

Like everyone of you, online shopping sites seemed as the best solution, to me. Though never did I think that it would be a great mistake to do so! As surprising as it sounds, it’s still the truth. With so many available choices and millions of user reviews out there, I was literally lost.

One moment I was like, “Yes, this one’s the best”; the next moment it gets replaced by other. I felt lost among the vast variety of choices available out there, not able to decide. Frustrated, I shouted with all my strength, scratching my head simultaneously with both my hand, and believe it or not, that helped me calm down in literal terms.

Finally, I took a deep breath, collected all my thoughts and decided to do some research, reading pros review instead of users. And so it began, “The Journey to Find the Truth”. I started gathering information with little things like what’s best for my hair, won’t damage my hair, etc. & researched day in and day out, and finally my hard work paid off well.

So, no need for you all to shout in frustration, scratch your head and go through all the tortures of hell, for I did it all. So, let’s pick up one of the best rated ceramic flat irons available out there.

I found out about many interesting facts which should be considered while looking out for flat irons – length, purpose and duration time of use. Each of these factors helped me a lot to decide the type of hair straightener which best fits my need, and the search zone became narrower.

Keeping all the useful tips in mind like what goes well with short, thick & fine hair, what’s the right temperature for respective hair type – coarse, curly, wavy, thin, etc., right material like ceramic, tourmaline or titanium metals, plate size, weight and price, I came up with some fine little list of flat irons available in the market.

Now like a pro, I can make my hair as straight as I want.

Hot Summer Solution

summer-lookIt can be a tedious and difficult process to do research and find out which is the best portable air conditioner for you, but there is an easier way to do it, which is to find out what everybody else is buying. Amazon has a list of best selling items for most of their products, so you can just go there and find out what is the best portable air conditioner for your home. There are also many home portable air conditioner review available.

Whynter ARC-14S
If you need a portable air conditioner unit that is environment friendly and cools down a small room quickly, go for the Whynter ARC-14S. This is a modern looking unit designed to be light weight and slim to fit in small spaces. It is a popular portable air conditioner with many people. The installation of this unit is also very easy as all the parts are included.

The Whynter ARC-14S is a 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner good for about 500 sq. ft., whether it is a room or apartment. The dual hose system helps to cool down the area even faster than most other portable air conditioners with a single hose.

Honeywell MN12CES
The Honeywell MN12CES is a 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner that is great for the people in humid areas, because it comes with an evaporative dehumidifier that removes the moisture in the air while making the air cool. This dehumidifier system automatically evaporates the moisture so that you do not have to empty any water reservoir.
This unit is good for a room of 400 square feet. Some users said that it is quiet but others do not agree, however, most of them agreed that the installation is very simple.

Whynter ARC-12S
If you are looking for a portable air conditioner for a small room but don’t have a lot of cash to spare, try this Whynter ARC-12S portable air conditioner. It is a good portable AC that cools efficiently despite a few drawbacks.

Remember to read more portable air conditioner reviews to find out which is the best portable air conditioner for you.

Best thing that I like about my Hoover vacuum

The best thing that I like about my hoover vacuum cleaner is that it has taken off all my worries regarding the hygiene of my carpets. As we all know, carpets filter the air quality inside our home. They may still look good on the outside but trap loads of dust and mites in their fibrous layers. So, if you are an aware mom like me then you have to be particular about a regular carpet cleaning routine. What could be better than a hoover vacuum cleaner for that deep down carpet cleaning? Let’s see what qualities we would like our hoover to have.

For a better suction quality, we should opt for a higher air watts rating. You can go for bagged or bagless, both have their own set of advantages. Cylinder or upright- hard floors and carpets. Lead, hose length and cords, take a stock of your requirement but before taking the plunge do remember to browse the best hoover vacuum cleaner reviews for honest and first hand reviews of the latest models. Meanwhile, it’s time we select the best upright vacuum cleaner 2015 to suit our regular cleaning needs.

Hoover Windtunnel MAX Bagged Upright – UH30600
With 3 suction channels to remove the deepest of dust particles, the bagged upright hoover cleaner has two HEPA media bags, which offers you to dispose off a full bag without having to touch it, so it works for all my friends that face allergy related conditions. You can check this level by a performance indicator. The controls are conveniently at your finger tips so you just don’t have to fuss around. With a 15 inch nozzle, 17 feet above the floor reach and 7 different floor settings, your hoover comes with a 12 inch crevice tool to tend to those nooks and crannies. The 30 foot cord allows you to cover a large room and a stretch hose for those hard to reach spots. The brush on/off pedal control works well on bare floors and the moment it retains its upright position, the auto shut off turns it off. Your unit cares for you and demands minimal maintenance in return. Staying cool on your wallet, this vacuum cleaner is worth its cost.

So, now when you know that your vacuum cleaner is your best buddy for your every day deep down cleaning it’s time you browse the reviews and select the best hoover vacuum cleaner to suit your needs.

Shopping for a Happy Memory

Some of my fondest childhood memories are the ones I have of my grandmother happily sitting at her Singer sewing machine. Now that the holiday shopping season is over, I’m hoping to find a good bargain on a brand new sewing machine myself. This was actually one of my New Year’s resolutions; to take up sewing my own clothes this year.

I’ve been doing some online research about the top brands of sewing machine to buy. I notice that the Singer brand seems to be in the running, along with some other favorites like Kenmore and Brother sewing machines. The fact that Singer is among the top brands doesn’t surprise me at all.

As a child, I can recall my grandmother sitting at her Singer sewing machine on a regular basis. I especially loved it when she would make the beautiful, frilly little Easter dresses for me and my sisters. For years, she sewed on one of the older models of Singer; the kind that was built into a cute little cabinet. I was fascinated by all the needles, bobbins, pins and other sewing accessories that surrounded the little sewing table.

When other children were out skating or riding bikes, I was in the house with a pair of scissors in my hand, cutting out patterns for my grandmother to sew. I was always so impatient to have her sew me something new, I could hardly finish cutting out the material. I was in awe of how my grandmother skillfully maneuvered the fabric while I listened to the hum of the Singer machine.

I guess even then, Singer really lived up to being one of the top brands of sewing machine around. Grandma’s machine held up long enough to be passed on to my mother, and even my sister for a short while. Eventually, something happened and the sewing machine stopped working. It didn’t matter much to my sister at the time. She never really used it enough for her to bother with trying to have it repaired.

But now that I’m actually in the market for a sewing machine, I’m leaning heavily towards buying a Singer. I plan to get a little info on the Brother and the Kenmore machines also, since they are among the top-selling sewing machines, but my instincts are telling me to go with the Singer. If I do, I’ll not only be shopping for just a sewing machine, I’ll be shopping for another happy memory.

Highly Recommended Air Mattresses for This Season

The best air mattress is all what you need to be assured of getting quality sleep during the night. But regardless of how urgently you need the mattress, getting a good mattress is not that simple as you may think. You need to do your assignment well in order familiarize yourself with top rated twin air mattress. Here are some of the top rated air mattresses on the market.
guest bed
Coleman Single High Twin
This high quality Coleman air mattress is revered for providing excellent support and comfort, thanks to its soft plush top. It features an air valve system that is suitable for keeping the air within its coils. That is why this mattress boasts of unequaled ability to hold air well for many nights. You can also inflate and deflate it with ease, thanks to the fact that it comes equipped with a highly powered electric pump.

Intex Classic Downy
This full-size inflatable air mattress comes with a waterproof flocked top that is perfect for keeping water and moisture from penetrating it easily. It boasts of a flocked surface that is comfortable, soft and firm enough to prevent beddings from sliding off during the night. Its sturdy construction makes it highly durable and prefect for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a three years warranty.

Smart Airbed B9122GTMF
Talk of support and comfort and you are talking of this great air mattress. It boasts of providing comfort and support than cannot be compromised by humidity, temperature and location. Its electric-powered pump can inflate and deflate it within 3 minutes.

Coleman Premium Quickbed
This mattress offers an extra height that is suitable for keeping you comfortable off the floor. It features a soft sueded top that will guarantee you luxurious comfort during the night. It comes with a zipped carry bag that is designed to make it easier for you to carry and store this mattress easily. Its electric pump is manufactured for convenience since it can deflate and inflate this mattress within less than 3 minutes.

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Here’s How to Choose a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners, in my opinion, have to be the best thing after sliced bread (and freshly brewed coffee). The convenience of steam cleaning means that it is possible to get much more done. In previous years, I have had to outsource cleaning services, but when I relocated abroad, it proved tricky to do so. I had to find a seamless way of coordinating cleaning, and the steam cleaner came in quite handy. As with any other appliances, I had to do a search in order to understand what I needed to be on the look out. I find reviews to be quite helpful because unlike company blogs, reviews give it to you as it is, both good and bad characteristics.
steam clean
With that, I set to have a look at the best portable steam cleaner reviews. Reading through the reviews, it was interesting to realize that while many people associated steam cleaners with carpet cleaning and upholstery, steam cleaners have a wide range of uses. Of particular interest were the portable steam cleaners, also known as hand-held steam cleaners. This category of steam cleaners, just as the name suggests, is easy to carry. I settled for this type of steam cleaner for the sheer ease to carry, meaning that I can clean those hard-to-reach corners.

I have used this steam cleaner for a couple of years now, and I’d recommend it for anyone who does steam cleaning in odd places due to its accessibility (think the washroom and the kitchen sink). One of the drawbacks with the portable steam cleaner however, is that it tends to get quite heavy when loaded with water, something which may not be endearing to many people. It’s portability and relative affordable cost however, make up for this shortcoming. Having selected the hand held steamer I wanted to purchase, I sought to find out more about the other steam cleaners, so that should the need arise, I will be well aware of what to look for.

Cylinder steam cleaners are the second category of cleaners, and unlike the hand-held type, these cleaners are bulky since they consist of a body, a hose pipe as well as a nozzle. I’d recommend this type of steam cleaner for users who appreciate mobility over a large area to be cleaned. Steam mops make up the third category of steam cleaners. They have few or no attachments, making them quite easy to handle. With the water tank included in the handle section, steam mops are operated in an upright manner, and can therefore be used by elderly people. With the tips I have shared, choosing the right steam cleaner need not be a difficult task.

Professional furniture cleaning is also available but may be expensive.

My Little Girl Sleeps Much Better with the Humidifier On

A few months ago, my family welcomed a new member of the family- baby Isabel. Being my first born child, I had difficulties coping and adjusting to several new things. However, what disturbed my husband and I was how sensitive baby Isabel was, especially when she was very tiny. Apart from her skin, her respiratory system was also extremely sensitive.
To make the matter worse, my baby appeared to have arrived at a very inappropriate time. It was winter time when central heaters had to be turned on. As a result, indoor humidity would drop to 10% or even less. Unfortunately, the dry air irritated the skin, nose as well as the lungs of my tiny baby girl. I was dealing with challenges I didn’t know I would have to deal with. My baby would come down with cold and sometimes suffer from a respiratory infection. Don’t forget that babies cannot take over the counter drugs like adults- they are too strong for them.

I remember the last visit I made to my pediatrician’s office. She insisted that I had to buy a baby humidifier. According to her, it is what I needed for my baby to enjoy good health; safe from colds and respiratory infections. I decided shopping for one as soon as I got home. When it comes to the health of my baby, I don’t usually settle for less. In this regard, I was keen on finding the top ultrasonic humidifier for baby 2014. I did my background research, took time to compare features and prices and finally found one of the best ultrasonic humidifier’s for my little girl.

Specifically, I wanted a baby humidifier that operates quietly, with auto shutoff, adjustable humidistat, with antibacterial features and one that wouldn’t give me problems when cleaning and refilling it. My doctor was right- my baby has been free from cold symptoms, her nose, chest and throat have been free from clogging. This makes it possible for her to recover faster from sickness. At eight months, Isabel is such a happy little girl and even sleeps much better.